FORCEP - Meeting in Bucharest vol 2

The FORCEP project, under the European program CERV-2021-CITIZENS-TOWN-NT, organized the 2nd seminar titled "Unemployed Active Citizenship: Share Good Practices." The event took place from April 26 to 28, 2024, at the Hotel Continental Forum București in Bucharest, Romania.

With a strong emphasis on collaborative learning and exchange of best practices, the FORCEP project successfully hosted the seminar, bringing together participants from various European cities to address the challenges of unemployment and promote active citizenship among unemployed individuals.

Day 1 commenced with participant registrations, followed by greetings from project leaders and brief presentations from the participating organizations. The seminar officially began with an introduction to the objectives, an overview of unemployment statistics and trends, and a discussion on the importance of active citizenship.

The morning sessions explored factors contributing to unemployment from economic, social, and psychological perspectives, providing a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted issue. After a lunch break, attendees engaged in a team exercise that focused on sharing successful strategies and initiatives for involving unemployed individuals in civic activities.

The afternoon sessions included an exploration of various models of active citizenship, such as volunteerism, community engagement, advocacy, and political participation. A laboratory exercise allowed participants to break into groups to discuss specific topics, share personal experiences, and brainstorm solutions and strategies.

Case studies of successful initiatives from different regions were presented, highlighting key success factors and transferable practices. Further discussions addressed strategies for matching job seekers with skills demands in the labor market and effective advocacy strategies for addressing unemployment issues. The final session of the day focused on advocacy and policy change, discussing successful campaigns at local, national, and international levels.

The day concluded with a recap of insights, ideas generated, and the development of action plans for participants' communities, followed by an evaluation of the day's sessions. Participants then enjoyed a joint dinner, fostering further networking and collaboration.

Day 2 began with group work and discussions, with breakout groups formed based on participants' interests and expertise. Topics included innovative approaches to skill development, advocacy strategies for policy change, and building sustainable support networks. A coffee break provided a brief respite before participants engaged in collaborative brainstorming exercises on advocacy tactics and campaign planning.

The seminar concluded with an evaluation of the second day's activities and a closing ceremony, followed by a joint lunch.


The seminar in Bucharest provided a dynamic platform for exploring the intersection of e-democracy, active citizenship, and employment activation. Through a blend of presentations, discussions, and interactive activities, participants gained valuable insights and forged connections to support their ongoing efforts in enhancing democratic participation and employment opportunities for unemployed citizens.

The multifaceted event in Bucharest involved a transformative exploration of ideas and strategies to strengthen active citizenship and employment opportunities across Europe, enriching participants' understanding of intermunicipal challenges and successes. From insightful discussions on employment policies to perceptive roundtable discussions, participants engaged in an atmosphere of collaboration and shared learning. The FORCEP project remains committed to reinforcing these discussions, fostering collaborative initiatives, and building bridges that strengthen the fabric of European unity.


EDS - Meeting in Bucharest vol 2


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