FORCEP - Meeting in Szombathely

The FORCEP project under the European program CERV-2021-CITIZENS-TOWN-NT organized the 1st seminar titled "Unemployed Active Citizenship: Time for Activation!" The event took place in Szombathely, Hungary, from April 24 to 26, 2024.

With an impressive demonstration of collaborative efforts, the FORCEP project successfully hosted the seminar from April 24 to 26, 2024, in Szombathely, Hungary. This event, in collaboration with municipalities and organizations from various European cities, aimed to address labor market challenges and promote active citizenship among unemployed individuals.

The partner consortium included representatives from several EU countries. The partners were second-level local government bodies (Municipalities) and NGOs representing various municipalities.

Participants arrived in Szombathely on April 24, checking into their accommodations throughout the afternoon. The evening featured a joint dinner, providing an opportunity for networking and preparation for the upcoming sessions.

The main sessions were held at the Westpannon HQ. The seminar began with welcoming words by representatives of the hosting city and organization, followed by brief introductions of the attending partners. The morning sessions included discussions on the current issues of the labor market and employment in Hungary, the role and results of employment pacts, and an analysis of post-COVID employment trends, specifically focusing on Szombathely. A Q&A session provided participants an opportunity to engage with the presenters.

Following a lunch break, the afternoon sessions included a presentation on the policy concept of the active social citizen in the EU and Hungary, discussions on citizen initiatives aimed at involving disadvantaged groups in the labor market, and a review of the successes and failures of local employment policy in Szombathely. Another Q&A session allowed for further engagement.

The day concluded with a roundtable discussion for exchanging knowledge and experiences and developing innovative initiatives for active citizenship. A joint dinner in the evening fostered further networking and collaboration.

The final day featured cultural and informal activities, including a city tour with visits to Iseum Savariense and the Savaria Museum. A joint lunch provided a relaxed setting for final discussions and farewells before participants departed in the afternoon.

The seminar in Szombathely provided a dynamic platform for exploring the intersection of e-democracy, active citizenship, and employment activation. Through a blend of presentations, discussions, and cultural experiences, participants gained valuable insights and forged connections to support their ongoing efforts in enhancing democratic participation and employment opportunities for unemployed citizens.

The multifaceted event in Szombathely involved a transformative exploration of ideas and strategies to strengthen active citizenship and employment opportunities across Europe, enriching participants' understanding of intermunicipal challenges and successes. From insightful discussions on employment policies to perceptive roundtable discussions, participants engaged in an atmosphere of collaboration and shared learning. Their cultural stay in Szombathely offered a unique backdrop for creating connections beyond the seminar hall. The FORCEP project remains committed to reinforcing these discussions, fostering collaborative initiatives, and building bridges that strengthen the fabric of European unity.


EDS - Meeting in Szombathely


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