Past for the future

Project title: : „Past for the Future”

Name of the coordinating organization: „Rábcatorok” Településeinek Regionális Fejlesztési Társulása  


Brief summary  

The primary objective of the cooperative project is to strengthen the link among the settlements making up the Rábcatorok micro-region and the settlements closely cooperating with them, measure the resources, develop the community, which is closely linked with the development and deepening of a cooperative skillset previously established at a management level among various organizations, institutions, entrepreneurs, municipalities and the population. The project contributes to the strengthening of rural lifestyle, the enhancement of bonding to local knowledge and facilities through the communities of the concerned settlements, their maintenance and to sustainability. The project could revive the production and service sectors in the particular settlements, especially regarding the production of local products, the cooperation among local tourism services, as well as product and service development. The project also aims to establish cooperation among the settlements that helps regional actors form joint goals for each thematic area through common resources establishing the key project of the concerned settlements in the region over the next few years.

This project touches upon 3 main target areas, as listed below:

• preservation, transmission, and capitalization of cultural heritage;
• identification and structuring of the built and natural environmental resources
• strengthening cooperation among local producers, establishing  professional workshops, supporting becoming local producers or small farmers

The three areas are closely intertwined, as the utilization of local natural and cultural heritage, the production of local products, and the increase of added value all contribute to the co-existence of humans and nature that apart from strengthening bonding to the birthplace, it may offer an opportunity for staying in place, and give an alternative for obtaining and supplementing the income.


„Past for the Future” is a transnational project for cooperation. Participating in the project are the following entities: the population of the settlements in the Rábcatorok region or its surroundings, local entrepreneurs, farmers, the Pannon Local Product Nonprofit Ltd., „Kunszigetért” Public Foundation, the ABDA Sport Club, and the Ladikos Publicinterest Foundation, the labor organization of the Pannonia’s Treasure Leader Association.


Available materials, indicators:
The project is still ongoing.

The expected, quantifiable results of the project:

  • 2 interviews per settlement (with the head of the settlement and a dominant actor in the settlement’s cultural life);
  • 19 interviews, organizing and carrying out a meeting with the heads of the local history collections, village museums, local history groups and country houses;
  • organizing 4 forums among the population in order to trace and identify local knowledge and cultural heritage;
  • taking about 600 photos of the local cultural heritage, the built and natural heritage;
  • a 4-season shoot of each settlement’s attractions;
  • organizing and carrying out 4 events facilitating the establishment of contact and the strengthening of cooperation among the region’s actors;
  • organizing and carrying out the development workshop for 4 products and services based on cultural heritage;
  • creating 8000 joint publications about the settlements’ cultural heritage and their built and natural values;
  • making an approximately 40-minute-long movie about the settlements’ cultural heritage;
  • establishing a theme path in the region regarding the cultural, built and natural heritage; placing 1 board in each settlement;
  • a regional competition entitled “Get to know your neighbor and your neighbor’s neighbor”; elaborating on a series of competitions for children in kindergartens, pupils and the 14-22-year-olds. (a 2-round-competition for the 3 age groups, the script of each competition is about 30 pages long);
  • organizing 4 professional thematic workshops involving the region’s teachers serving the fitting of the content of the program series to the local curricula and the institutions’ working process;
  • 2000 publications: creating workbooks for the competition;
  • 150 publications: competition – additional material for teachers;
  • 4 x 2 events, organizing a workshop with local farmers, agricultural producers in order to strengthen cooperation
  • development of the curricula for training local producers and local farmers resulting in a certificate, arranging a 80-hour-training for 15 people;
  • placing shelves for the promotion regarding local farmers’ products in approximately 10 places;
  • regarding the promotional shelves, installing touchscreen terminals where you can order products, and get further information about them (our job is to install the terminals, develop and operate the software; the system should be open for the producers of the LEADER regions in GYMS county, access granted via contract during the duration of the program, access from within the county – including the settlements involved in the project – access of at least 30 producers);
  • purchase of 10 mobile pavilions for the settlements’ local producers and the participants of cultural life at exhibitions and fairs;
  • preparing 1 joint website
  • preparing 1 interactive website and a DVD
  • preparing 8000 leaflets about the project


Facts and figures

Program: LEADER (Fund for the cooperation of LEADER regions from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development)
Lead partner: in this case coordinating partner: „Rábcatorok” Településeinek Regionális Fejlesztési Társulása
Project duration: III. and IV. quarter of 2014
Fund: net 44,391,826 HUF