Short summary

The project has 2 main goals:

  • Design and develop an ‘experience-based application for electronic devices’ to support GPS mapping and in-depth information about the route and its attractions. GPS tracking of the route will be carried out by project partners, in order to offer a trustworthy source for online mapping data.
  • Promotion and communication: focused on well-developed sections of the ICT-EV13 route, which aims to improve the promotion of communication through the publication of a common transnational communication and promotional strategy.

The expected outputs are:

  • An experience-based application for mobile devices, supporting GPS mapping and route information;
  • Publication of GPS tracking and mapping of the route, available online and for download;
  • 50 copies of a manual on a common communication and promotional trans-national strategy for the ICT-EV13;
  • 1 reward system for completing all or part of the route;
  • 4 promotional study tours;
  • 1 professional photo shoot along the route; and
  • 1 agreement on the long term management of route promotion.





Leadpartner: Nyugat-Pannon Nonprofit Kft.

Project partners:

2: Vidzemes Turisma Asociacija  (LV)

3: European Cyclists' Federation Asbl (BE)

4: Polska Organizacja Turystyczna (PL)

5: Ekopolis Foundation (SK)

6: 17&4 GmBH. (AT)

7: Jankó Kerékpáros Csapata Bt. (HU)

8: Nadace Partnerstvi (CZ)

9: Kamping Apalkalns (LV)



Facts and information


Programme:     Cooperation projects to support transnational tourism based on European cultural and industrial heritage

Lead Partner: Nyugat-Pannon Nonprofit Kft.

Project Duration: 18/09/2015 – 18/03/2017 (18 months)

Total amount of project: 310 585 EUR

Total budget of Westpannon: 82 027 EUR