The project was successfully finished.

New models of innovation are needed because globalization and digitalization cause rapidly changing value chains and business models. Policy makers need to learn about such new models to keep the pace and be able to provide fast and flexible support for emerging industries in order to make/keep a region competitive at global scale.

ClusteriX 2.0 aims to improve policy instruments related to the actual delivery of innovation making better use of clusters to facilitate such processes by focusing on complementary competences, by introducing new models of innovation for the development and operational implementation of strategic cluster partnerships.

The main outputs are 32 policy learning events organized, minimum 20 good practices identified, analysed and shared, 10 action plans developed and implemented and minimum 50 appearances in media. Direct beneficiaries are at least 50 people from Managing Authorities/Intermediate Bodies, implementing organizations, and various local/regional/national stakeholders with increased professional capacity benefiting from the interregional exchange. Through improved policy instruments (9 Structural Funds, 1 regional) enterprises, research institutes and other innovation actors in the region benefit indirectly from ClusteriX 2.0.






Leadpartner:     ecoplus. The Business Agency of Lower Austria (AT)

Project partners:

2. IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige (IT)

3. West-Pannon Regional and Economic Development Public Nonprofit Ltd. (HU)

4. INMA – National Institute of Research – Development for Machines and Installations designed to Agriculture and Food Industry (RO)

5. Lund University (SE)

6. Regional Development Agency Ostrava (CZ)

7. Region of Southern Denmark (DK)

8. Regional Council of Auvergne (FR)

9. Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (BE) 

10. North-East Regional Development Agency (RO)

11. Region Skåne (SK)


Facts and information


Programme:     INTERREG EUROPE

Lead Partner: ecoplus. The Business Agency of Lower Austria (AT)

Project Duration:

Phase 1: 01/04/2016 – 31/03/2019 (36 months)

Phase 2: 01/04/2019 – 01/04/2021 (24 months)


Total amount of project: 2 126 574 EUR

Total budget of Westpannon: 178 550 EUR